Pet hair can sometimes seem like a never ending battle! We’re here to help with our top tips! We’ve rounded up some ideas to assist you in keeping a handle on all that hair, using our favorite tricks and grooming techniques.

1. Keep Up With Vacuuming

Your vacuum is your best friend — well, next to your dog anyway. Make sure to invest in a good one. For some dog breeds, you’ll need to use it every day to keep up with the hair they drop. Some companies have models designed specifically to help pet owners clean the hair from floors and upholstery. You might even be able to use it right on your dog, too. Some dog-friendly vacuums are sold with dog attachments. Not all dogs like this idea, so you’ll want to get him used to it gradually.

2. Bathe Your Pet Regularly

If you give your pup a nice warm bath before you brush, it will help loosen up dead hair. Ask your veterinarian about shampoos and nubby rubber hound gloves that you can use on your dog while she’s still in the tub. Then safely blow-dry your dog’s coat completely using a low or cool setting to help get rid of loose hair in her undercoat.

3. Brush Often

Regularly brushing your dog’s coat can make a world of difference — especially during the spring shedding season. If you brush every day or two during that period, it becomes more manageable. Depending on your pet’s coat type, you can gently use wire slicker brushes, undercoat rakes, shedding blades or hound gloves to do the job, and using a lint roller between brushings can help, too. Taking your dog outdoors for brushing sessions is best so the fur doesn’t fly all over the house, but you can also go into the garage or lay down a sheet that you can put in the washing machine.

4. Try the Rubber Glove Trick

Here’s a simple and fast way to wipe away loose hair. You know those long rubber gloves you use to clean the dishes? They have another purpose, too. They’re great for capturing pet hair. Put them on and then run your hands over furniture, carpets and the four-legged culprits themselves, and you’ll collect lots of stray hair.

5. Cover the Furniture

If your pets are allowed on the furniture, you might consider using slipcovers to protect your pieces. That way, when the covers get dirty or you have guests coming over, you can just slip off the covers and throw them in the wash. If you don’t have furniture that lends itself to slipcovers, protect it with a sheet you can remove for company.

6. Clean out Vents & Filters

Vents that heat and cool your home are quite the traps for pet hair. Use a long, flat duster to get the fur out, which will help ensure they’re working more efficiently. Experts say furnace filters should be replaced more frequently in homes that have pet residents, and you should also remember to clean out your dryer’s lint trap, which catches a lot of hair.

7. Get the Easy to Miss Sports

Hair can get into the strangest places, including nooks and crannies you might not think to clean. In addition to hard-to-reach places, like under your refrigerator and behind (and underneath) furniture, lampshades and long curtains can pick up lots of hair. After a while, you probably don’t even notice the fur anymore. But it’s good to keep these spots in mind if you’re going for a deep cleaning.

Regularly grooming your dog is one of the best ways to keep pet fur under control.